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About Anchor

Hi, I'm Roni!

I'm a product, UX/UI, and visual & graphic designer. I’m passionate about creating functional, appealing, and innovative design solutions that address a real problem or need. I believe that at the core of product is the user, and understanding what the user needs is imperative of a great design.

I was born in California, and spent my childhood living between the US and Israel. I currently reside in Calgary, Canada, and have been here for the past few years.


I love to travel and I love to explore new cuisine (a foodie if you will). I've also picked up skiing since living in snowy Calgary (might as well learn to enjoy the snow, right?)

I also love creating my own art. My bold, geometric, and colourful prints are inspired by different cities worldwide. I draw inspiration from my life experiences and the people and places that I meet along the way. Check them out in this link. On the side, I also love creating cute animal prints for children. Check them out here.

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